CPSAC Manual

CPSTpicThe CPSAC Child Passenger Safety Technician Training Manual covers all aspects of child passenger safety from a best practices perspective. In line with the speed in which changes happen in this industry, CPSAC has moved to a live document curriculum that will reflect industry changes on a regular basis and remain up to date at all times.  When first certified, every technician candidate received the manual that was current at that time. With the many technical and product changes having taken place over the past several years, we encourage you to access this completely updated CPST Manual.  Whether you choose to print it or retain it as a PDF document and reference it as needed, we encourage you to read it carefully.

Questions or comments can be directed to curriculum@cpsac.org.

Please note that each technician should access their own copy, and the file is not for distribution. 

If you are a technician or instructor, please contact us at registration@cpsac.org to request a login. Logins are usually created with 24 hours.

The manual contains the following modules (course syllabus available here):

  • Module 1: Why Restrain?
  • Module 2: Roles & Responsibilities
  • Module 3: Air Bags
  • Module 4: Seat Belts
  • Module 5: Universal Anchorage System (UAS)
  • Module 6: Rear Facing
  • Module 7: Forward Facing
  • Module 8: Vehicle Barriers
  • Module 9: Booster Seats
  • Module 10: Adult Seat Belt
  • Module 11: Special Needs Seats
  • Module 12: Air Travel
  • Module 13: How to Talk to Parents
  • Module 14: What Happens Next
  • Appendix A: Provincial & Territorial Legislation Summary
  • Child Restraint Inspection Form



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We apologize, but only members may download the CPSAC manual. If you are a CPSAC member please login to gain access to this page. If you do not yet have a login please email registration@cpsac.org and request one. Thank you!