Mission Statement

...our objectives...

The Corporation will be responsible to write and update the technical manuals for Children's Restraint Systems Technicians, Instructors and Instructor-Trainers with respect to a National Children's Restraint Systems Training Course.

The Corporation will be responsible to ensure that said National Certification Course, authored and published by CPSAC's Curriculum Committee is updated regularly and is adhered to by all people and organizations entrusted to teach said course by instituting clear and concise training standards.

The Corporation will be responsible to provide certification to individuals who have successfully completed the requirements of the National Certification Course and to ensure the capabilities of these individuals or groups by monitoring and verifying that all Certified individuals have kept current to the federal standards and the agreed upon certification requirements instituted by the corporation.

The Corporation will be responsible for the administration and record keeping for certified individuals. In addition, the Corporation will provide a framework that allows all Canadians equal access to training, resources and assistance with respect to child safety in motor vehicles.

The Corporation will act as an advocate and spokesperson for the safety of children and youth in motor vehicles within Canada.