Recertification – Technician

CPSAC certification is valid for three years. If you are unsure of your expiry date or have any other questions about this process, contact the Registrar at  It is your responsibility to seek out recertification, to be completed within three months on either side of the expiry date of your certification.

Six Steps to a Certificate


  • To be eligible to recertify online you must complete at least two online updates, and confirm that you have either completed 15 documented seat checks, OR, complete 3 Peer Coaching Forms.

Complete a recert form:

Submit payment:

  • You will be sent an invoice via email, and will be directed to submit an application payment of $50 to CPSAC. Please indicate to whom an invoice should be addressed.  Payment may be submitted via PayPal or credit card here, via EMT to, or via cheque to the above address.

Access the manual and study:

  • Online access to the manual will be delivered via email. You may choose to retain the manual only as a PDF, or alternately you may choose to print it. We recommend you study.  The PDF that will be sent is for personal use only and is not for distribution in any manner (print or digital).

Write the exam:

  • Online exam access will be delivered via email.  You will be given 60 minutes to complete 50 multiple choice questions, and the exam is “closed book” – no aids are to be used. 80% is required to pass.

Receive your certificate:

  • Your certificate will be emailed to you upon successful completion of the exam.

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