CPS Week

Child Passenger Safety Week • September 22-30, 2018

The Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada is pleased to offer support for members who are planning child passenger safety events in their communities for child passenger safety week.

CPSAC wants to support your child passenger safety activities from September 1 – October 6, 2018 to celebrate Child Passenger Safety Week Sept 23-29. Direct questions to cpsweek@cpsac.org

Complete grant applications were due 11:59pm Atlantic on August 1, 2018. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Goals of this grant project:

  • Support CPSAC members as they do child passenger safety work in their communities by providing simplified access to funding, organizational, and graphics support;
  • Re-invest member dollars into cross-country child passenger safety initiatives by members;
  • Encourage collaboration and partnerships between members and community partners and organizations;
  • Increase access to child passenger safety information across Canada;
  • Raise national awareness of CPSAC through an organized, concerted social media effort,  signage, and branding.

CPSAC will be awarding small grants of up to $250 to communities across the country to help you in your efforts. The funding allocated for this grant program is $5,000. Note: funds can be sent to a member’s organization or employer, rather than a member personally (for example, a family resource centre).

Are you planning a clinic?  A roadside event? CPST training? What about a parent presentation or an information booth? Any event where you are promoting child passenger safety in your community is eligible.  

Everyone who reports their event or participates in a registered event will be entered into a draw for additional prizes.

Grant applications will be assessed and awarded based on regional distribution, and will be assessed by a panel dedicated to this process. This year’s Grant Panel will consist of board members Stacey Gudmundsson and Katherine Hutka, CPS Week grant concept developer Deanna Lindsay, Instructor and CPSAC volunteer Rebecka Mayne, and Policy Coordinator Amy Ells.

This grant applies to activities that:

  • Take place between Saturday, September 1 (Saturday of Labour Day weekend) through October 6 (Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend);
  • Are lead by CSPAC members (members must not be expired during the event);
  • Conform to all CPSAC policies and procedures.

Priority/preference will be given to activities that:

  • Include multiple community partners or supporting organizations; request community support using a template available here.
  • Focus on establishment of longer term community resources, for example tangible items that can be used again at future events;
  • Events that take place during CPS Week (Saturday Sept 22 through Sunday September 30).

One event per city/town will be funded; we recommend connecting with other CPSAC members in your area and applying together.

Graphics for Advertising or Announcing Your Event

If you are unable to produce your own event graphics, a Graphics Team is standing by to help you create high quality, visually appealing graphics that conform to the CPSAC Style Guide.

Thank you to team lead Emma Nauffts for her graphics skills.

Send your graphics request, photo(s) to include in the graphic, along with relevant event details, to cpsweek@cpsac.org. Finished graphics must follow your grant application (all due 11:59pm Atlantic on August 1, 2018). Incomplete applications will not be considered.

To be eligible to receive funding through this grant:

  • Apply through the grant application process (see application button below)
  • Submit graphics/images to advertise or announce your event that conform to the style guide following your application; see above for how to enlist the help of the Graphics Team.
  • If you use social media:
    • Use dedicated social media hashtags #CPSWeekCanada and #CPSAC
    • Add CPSAC as a co-host on page events of Facebook business pages (if applicable)
  • Create a CPSAC event at https://www.cpsac.org/events/community/add
  • Wear CPSAC gear or patches during your event if you have any 
  • Agree to submit a report after your event including:
    • 4 photos that are usable on the CPSAC website or for other publications, with signed photo consent form;
    • Information about parent/caregiver participation including any relevant statistics (ie. 25 seats checked);
    • A list of any publicity you received (links to radio, newspaper, TV or social media reporting if any exist);
    • Attendance list of CPSAC members if applicable (names, and a scan of the sign-in sheet);
    • Summary of community partner participation if applicable.
  • Submission of a report required for prize eligibility.

This grant will not cover the cost of replacement seats or training seats. We encourage you to reach out to local businesses and community partners to seek donations for seats (template here), or for other community support (template here).

This grant will not cover the cost of mileage or meals.

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration to plan your event? Look no further than our Technician Toolbox!

We have compiled tools you can use to support the work you do. These resources include those developed by CPSAC as well as resources developed by partners.

Find tools and resources to support your activities including:

  • Roadside check event
  • Car Seat Clinic
  • Booster Seat Lesson Plan
  • Parent and Caregiver Presentation
  • Graphics and Templates
  • Check forms
  • Printable summaries
  • Position statements

See the whole toolbox here: https://www.cpsac.org/toolbox

Prizes for CPSAC members who planned or attended CPS Week events:

We are appreciative of manufacturer support for the CPS week initiative by donations of car seats as prizes for our member participation. Our supporting partners include: