Child Passenger Safety Week

CPS Week September 20-26, 2020

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CPSTs Across the Country: Video Project

Stay tuned for the video launch on September 20th, the start of CPS Week 2020!

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Throughout the week of September 20-26 you can participate in a variety of CPS Week activities — including social media shares — for a chance to win prizes from our CPS week partners. It’s not too late to plan a low key event; it can simply be a seat check with a caregiver. But you have to tell us about it to be entered! Deadline: 28-Sep-2020.

Events & Activities
  • In-person seat check or clinic with COVID-19 safety protocols
  • Virtual seat check
  • In-person workshop or education session
  • Virtual workshop or educational session (including live social media broadcasts on a CPS-related topic)
  • Other CPS-related activity (media interview, etc)
Tools for Technicians
Share your Photos
  • Earn extra prize entries for submitting photos of your activities
Video Participation
  • Did you submit a video to CPSAC for any of the CPS Week videos? You earn additional entries for that, thank you!
Social Media Shares
  • If you share any of CPSAC’s social media content during the week of September 20th-26th on your personal page or business/organization page or platform, that earns you entries. Earn one prize entry for each platform, but please keep sharing all week!
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Thank you to CPS Week 2020’s manufacturer and industry partners for their support.