Insurance Q&A

Technician, Instructor or Instructor-Trainer certification with CPSAC includes insurance coverage for the duration of the certification period. 

Below are some common questions regarding insurance coverage. As with any policy, coverage is determined by the specifics of the situation.

Always document your seat checks.

If you charge for your time or services you are not eligible for our volunteer coverage, but you are eligible for affordable corporate coverage.

Contact our account manager Sevgi Baran at (647) 660-6221 or

If you are looking for separate insurance for your non-profit or coalition contact Zinab Machiani or (647) 930-9082 / Toll free: 1-800-663-6828 ext. 7875.

If you do this work as a part of your paid employment, your coverage would be through your employer.  Ensure that your employer’s insurance coverage includes child passenger safety-related duties and activities.

Proof of Insurance

If you require proof of insurance (insurance certificate) for your volunteer event please request one here.

Please note: the “certificate holder” as described below is the host organization requiring this certificate. They may have specific wording that must be included on the certificate, and should provide it to you if so. Request the certificate at least three weeks in advance of your event.

    Insurance Q&A

    No. Their own business insurance would provide coverage for them. This applies whether the member is operating their own business, or just charging for seat checks as an individual.

    CPSAC members who charge for seat checks (or any other child passenger safety-related service) must purchase a separate private insurance policy. 

    Contact our broker Zinab Machiani or (647) 930-9082 / Toll free: 1-800-663-6828 ext. 7875 for information about an affordable, accessible policy available to CPSAC members.

    No. The company or organization the member works for needs to have their own business insurance that would provide coverage.

    Yes, but only CPSAC members are covered by our insurance. Do not participate in any activities or sign any documents that are contrary to CPSAC’s policies.

    Yes, as long as the seat check form and liability waiver is comprehensive. If you are using a seat check form that is different from CPSAC’s and are concerned about if it is suitable, please provide a copy in advance to CPSAC for confirmation, to Allow ample time for feedback.

    Yes. Coverage includes defense of CPSAC and the member, and compensation for a third party victim.

    No, all typical child passenger safety-related events that are approved, endorsed, or sanctioned by CPSAC are covered by insurance. These events do not need to be labelled or advertised in a specific way. 

    Typical child passenger safety-related events include CPST training, private seat checks, car seat clinics, education sessions such as an info booth or speaking engagement, and roadside stops with law enforcement. 

    If you are providing some other service that is not on this list, please contact for approval by the Board of Directors, at least three weeks before your event.

    If your location has asked for proof of insurance, our insurance company can provide a certificate, free of charge. Complete the form at the top of this page. Request the certificate at least three weeks in advance of your event.

    Yes. If your location or organizer requires an insurance certificate as proof of insurance, complete the form at the top of this page. Request the certificate at least three weeks in advance of your event.

    No, but this would not be an issue unless a member is proven to have been negligent. Do not do car seat checks in lightning storms, and use common sense to keep everyone safe.

    It is important to always document your car seat checks. 

    It is preferable to use a comprehensive seat check form. Where it is not practical to use a comprehensive form, such as roadside stops, use a shorter, quicker form. 

    If this is not possible, document the interaction in some way to show that CPSAC’s policies were followed, even if the interaction was brief. Keep notes about your activities. 

    If you participate in roadside stops and require coverage by CPSAC’s insurance (i.e. you are not otherwise insured by an agency or group you are working with) please provide a copy of the documentation form you intend to use to

    No. Our professional liability policy is on a claims made basis and not an occurrence basis.

    What this means is that once a member’s coverage has lapsed (after their certification expires), then they are not covered for any future claims.  Volunteers are only covered when they are performing duties related to the conduct of our business for as long as they are active members of the organization.

    For example, if a member expired in October but there was a claim made for an event they participated in the previous April they are not insured as they are no longer a CPSAC member.

    Our insurance company has provided this document for member information.

    Car seat checks or installations must be documented at all times in a legible and clear manner. CPSAC members are encouraged to use a comprehensive form, such as the one available for download here.