Graphics/Style Guide

Graphic Identity and Branding Procedure

CPSAC is a constantly evolving organization of professionals. We want to foster brand recognition and encourage our members to use our name and logo broadly and often.

To maintain a consistent, professional approach, here are guidelines for logo use. Contact for requests outside of these guidelines.

Logo Usage

Print “Member of” Logo

Add this logo to your personal, business, or coalition materials.

Approved uses:

  • business cards
  • websites
  • social media pages
  • presentations
  • displays

Web version: No smaller than 150 pixels wide, no less than 72dpi. Must be used in full colour.

Print version: No smaller than 1.5″ wide, printed at 300dpi resolution. May be printed in full colour or grayscale.

Note: there is a blank white border around the logo, roughly the same width as the maple leaf. Please ensure this border is not cropped out. It is there to ensure adequate distance is maintained between the CPSAC logo and other images or text in a document.

Background must always by white, never transparent or another colour.

Web Version: English / français
High Resolution Version: English / français

Email if you need to use an even larger file or different format, or if you are unsure if your intended use is permitted.

We have developed a series of templates for advertising courses, clinics, and other similar events. At present time they are best suited for use by people with some graphic design skills, but we hope to soon include stock photos to make it easier for everyone.

The zip file includes an instruction file for following our style guide.

Zip File

Booster Bar

A booster bar is an incredibly effective tool at clinics, info tables, educational sessions, and more. The ideas and instructions are not ours, but permission was graciously given to reproduce them. The graphics cannot be altered except as indicated.

Print CPSAC oval

The CPSAC oval on its own is reserved for materials produced or approved by CPSAC (eg. official shirts). For current offerings, visit the CPSAC shop.


  • polo shirts
  • hoodies
  • hats
  • totes
  • printed materials

CPSAC may, on a case-by-base basis, approve the logo for use in other instances. Eg: partnerships with related organizations.

 patch The CPSAC patch is available for purchase in the CPSAC shop.

The patch may be affixed to a red, white, or black garment and is recommended especially for:

  • jackets
  • t-shirts
  • hats
  • bags

You may also affix it to high vis safety clothing (eg. traffic vests) of any colour or a related business or coalition garment of any colour (provided you have permission of the business or coalition you are representing!).

Other suggested applications of the patch include: tents, chairs.

Technician and Instructor patches are also available.

Logo Misuse

Please do not alter the logo or use in an inappropriate manner. Do not:

  • change the aspect ratio (stretching it taller/shorter)
  • change the colours
  • display the oval portion of the logo on any background colour other than white
  • crop off any portion of the logo, wording, or border
  • add extra wording
  • change the font
  • use portions of the logo (eg. just the car seat, just the road)
  • display the logo on a vehicle, with or without the “member of” wording
  • attach the logo to materials that are not supported by our curriculum (for example, to endorse an after-market cuddle bag)
  • attach the logo to materials that speak negatively about manufacturers, community partners, or other organizations
  • attach the logo to materials that otherwise violate CPSAC policies

Note: this is not an exhaustive list. CPSAC reserves the right to request you remove the logo from any materials. When in doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Grandfather Clause

Do you already have approved CPSAC materials that don’t follow these guidelines? Don’t worry, you can continue using them. As you replace them, though, please follow the updated guidelines.


If you are no longer a CPSAC member or your branded apparel no longer fits, we ask that you donate or sell your CPSAC branded gear to another member. If donating outside our organization, please remove the logo first.


Name Usage

Our full name is the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada, abbreviated as CPSAC. We do not capitalize “The” when writing out the full name, nor do we say “the CPSAC” when abbreviating.

Some have asked how to pronounce CPSAC. After an informal poll, “sip-sack” emerged as the most common usage. You may also spell out the letters.

Our members are known as Child Passenger Safety Technicians, abbreviated as CPST. The plural is CPSTs. Instructors are Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructors, or CPST-Is. Instructor Trainers are Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor Trainers, or CPST-ITs (in short form, ITs).

Informally, the most common term for our members is “car seat technician” or “car seat tech.”


For more information, please see Policy 17 Graphic Identity and Branding Policy.