Transferring certification from other child passenger safety programs

The Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada (CPSAC) strives to be a leader in providing training, promoting best practice, and respecting parents and caregivers while educating on child passenger safety (CPS) in Canada.

Any technician-candidate wishing to transfer from another CPS program, or to add CPSAC certification in addition to their current CPS certification with another organization is able to do so by completing the following:

  • Connect with an instructor about supporting this transfer/addition or contact registration to find a local instructor to connect with;
  • Provide proof of current certification status with the other CPS program (within the last three years);
  • Complete independent, online reading and preparation work in advance of a 1-day in-person session;
  • Successfully complete an in-person session with an instructor. This training will be composed of 2-3 hours review and demonstration, a 1 hour written multiple choice exam, and a 3+ hour public seat check event (practical exam). These components may be split over more than one day.
  • Fees vary based on instructor’s costs.

If you are an instructor with another CPS program please reach out to to discuss options with CPSAC.